Zertz, the modern platform for online meetings

Zertz designed with many features

The Zertz Group channels have evolved with excellent alluring benefits that efficiently manage communication and increase overall productivity. Channels are a way where plans are trimmed, and designs are implemented. You have the flexibility to categorize your audience when using Zertz and have different and many channels.

Zertz has facilities for creating public channels:

For example, if you want to connect with people from all over the world, or if you’re going to share data with everyone, there is the benefit of creating a public channel. Or, you can go for a personal channel for some of the groups around your concerns that are limited to just one specific group – a channel for marketing, money, and production, and so on.

Communication is the most essential part of any business venture or organization. To maintain this accuracy, only emails are too backdated and inadequate. Zertz is an up-to-date communication site that brings together audio and video calls, messenger, screen sharing, whiteboarding, and many other features that bring together many convenient features that make communication more accessible, easier, and more efficient. 

There are several benefits to having a channel, which are:

Chat on one platform: Every business needs a cultivated tool to communicate with their team members, develop great ideas, identify aspirations and oversee projects. Chat messengers are not just a means of transferring information – they are an instant office.

Supervise the team: The manager can oversee the information from each of the members. Message settings will be alerted when changing status or uploading and receiving messages. Group updates created by Project Lead will be reversed in each group member’s message list.

Easily search and send documents – The Team Channel project option enables you to categorize the needs of a particular project into different categories. Assists specific parties to provide premium access to papers and every data related to the project.


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