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Zertz Platform

The digital revolution that was supposed to come five years later, Zertz is one of the tools that help, this revolution has already started due to the Covid epidemic. This epidemic has taught us a lot, some positive and some negative. Somehow we have tried to overcome all the negativity around us.

The most interesting lesson is the use of technology:

The most interesting lesson from this epidemic is the use of technology. From villages to urban cities, from school students to graduates, from small businesses to corporations, we have all embraced technology anyway.
Most businesses now want to take their business online or online. Many businesses, corporations, and firms are now practically working. We are doing a lot of work while practically working with peers, including virtual meetings, document sharing, idea sharing, organizational updates and much more.
There is really a lot of work to be done on a daily basis using different apps/software from our laptop/desktop. We use a lot to do our work, it takes up our time and makes our work busy.

Opportunity to use a lot of amazing work at a nominal price:

To make all your work easier, and easier Zertz has created a brilliant platform where you can easily do all your work. It can be used by any person, enterprise, or organization. It is usable on your mobile.
It features some important features such as team channels, audio and video calls, docs where multiple people can work on a single platform, virtual meetings, whiteboarding and screen sharing, posts and feeds.
All of these features will help you communicate with your team, brainstorm, plan, work, hold meetings, share screens, share organizational events, on a single platform.
Zertz lets users use all of its amazing features at a very nominal price that anyone can afford. You can also start your free trial. So, start your amazing journey with Zertz.


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