What McDonald’s New Robot-Run Store Tells Us About the Future of Work

The rise of automation in the workplace has been a topic of discussion for decades, but with McDonald’s recent announcement that it will open its first robot-run store, we can now see how robotics and automation could shape the future of work. The new restaurant is set to open in Phoenix, Arizona, and will employ robots instead of people to cook burgers, fry fries, and serve customers. In this article post, we’ll take a closer look at what this move tells us about the future of work – from job loss fears to potential opportunities.

Can you imagine going to a restaurant where there are no people to take your order or prepare your food? Instead, everything is automated, and the only human present is you. It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but McDonald’s first automated restaurant in the United States is as real as it gets.

This McDonald’s location is in White Settlement, Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth. Now This News tweeted a video of this restaurant with no employees. The video shows how, once you walk in, there is no one at the counter and you must order from a screen.

At times, robots deliver the food that has been ordered. If you go through the drive-through, you simply order ahead of time online, and an automated machine appears to deliver the food.

For the time being, McDonald’s is only testing this concept in this location. According to the company, the location is intended for people who are constantly on the move. Customers receive their orders from a conveyor belt, and an employee is present to answer their questions.

“Does anyone want to write this dystopian novel? “Would anyone like to guess who’s on the grill?” asked one user. “No way. “I’m not doing anything to promote robots taking jobs,” said another. “Is there a town called White Settlement? “The irony of advanced technology appearing there first, “Another netizen chimed in. “McDonald’s will go to any length to avoid paying workers a living wage, eh?” another person wrote.


In conclusion, the world is being transformed by automation and robots taking away jobs. The latest example of this trend is McDonald’s opening its first restaurant without employees in the US. As we move forward in time, it’s clear that more businesses are going to be turning to automated solutions for many tasks that were previously done by human workers.


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