Tokyo Olympics 2021 has begun after a long delay!

olympiccs 2021 india

Japan emperor Naruhito ended the long wait of over one year by declaring a start to the OLYMPICS 2021 India on the 23rd of July, 2021. It’s going to be ended on August 8th.

Seiko Hashimoto who is the president of the Tokyo Organising Committee welcomes the athletes wholeheartedly speaking more about the issues like earthquakes and the Corona pandemic which diverted them a while in between the planning of this meet. This talk was followed by International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and Honourable emperor, then the Olympic flag was carried inside the stadium along with frontline workers of this Pandemic with huge respect. Though the frontline workers were from Tokyo, they represented all the people working for this critical situation all over the world.

Due to the current situation of the coronavirus, most sports lovers are broke as they miss watching the event. of course, there are other ways too, you can watch the live streaming using VPN.

We could proudly find our Boxing Legend and London Games Bronze Medallist Mary Kom along with men’s hockey team captain Manpreet Singh led the Indian contingent at the parade of nations. 19 Indian Athletes have jumped into the stadium enthusiastically hoping to perform their best.

Despite the capacity of 68,000 people, the stadium is filled only with Athletes and a few VIP’s including Japan’s Emperor Naruhito, Emmanuel Macron, who is French President, and US First Lady Jill Biden.

All safety measures are taken of all champions inside who is been there to participate in the event. Wishing all good luck from every sportive people all over the World. Organizers are continuously monitoring the media people and others who are inside with the regular tests. They have already banned the overseas fans for the first time ever and keeping domestic spectators out of all to be on the safer side.


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