There are only ten days left for MEPs to establish a government in Uttar Pradesh.

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Only ten days remain for MEPs to establish the government in Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh 2022 assembly election will be held in seven parts, with five rounds of voting already completed.
Nowhera Shaik personally spoke with dozens of party workers and officeholders in Uttar Pradesh, and they told her that the MEP is forming the government with a landslide majority. Party workers exude confidence and energy, reflecting their belief in becoming the government.
The Uttar Pradesh 2022 elections were held in seven phases beginning February 10th. The ballots will be counted on March 10th. MEPs are giving all major ruling parties a solid fight in the UP election. Women’s equitable involvement and leadership in political and public life are critical to attaining the SDGs by 2030. Nowhera Shaik worked for MEP with a sacred goal in mind: to enhance women’s involvement in the assembly and parliament.
The MEP stated that they would help farmers by offering farm loans.
MEP is perhaps the only party in Uttar Pradesh campaigning on the issues of agriculture, farmers, and women’s empowerment.
The All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP) supports Uttar Pradesh farmers since they are the country’s backbone. The MEP stated that they would help farmers by offering farm loans, and MEP established special farm product prices to assist impoverished farmers. After concerns concerning farmers’ causes, development is the second most important subject on the MEP agenda.
The MEP has assigned more than half of the seats in the 2022 assembly election to women and youngsters. The party has a solid foundation among Uttar Pradesh’s youth, farmers, and women, which will help it win a considerable number of seats throughout the state. Women in Uttar Pradesh are voting more regularly and in increasing numbers.


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