The Untold Narrative of Building a Political Party Being a Business Woman

Nowhera Shaik images

The launch of the party attracted people from every sector especially women, because of its service to society.
During the Karnataka Election Assembly, the party was handed numerous tickets to run in several districts or electorates around the state.
“It needs a decent heart to donate a significant portion of one’s income to the betterment of society. There are relatively few people who care for the public in their own societies” Dr. Nowhera Shaik.
“I told them to spend their money on an election campaign at first, with the aim to receive it back after the elections. Unfortunately, the matter went out of hand and one of the members, Heena Kouser, filed a complaint in a police station informing of all the debt and requested that Ms. Shaikh be prosecuted”
It is surmised that about 20 AIMEP candidates were at the Central Bengaluru Office waiting to be compensated. I told them to sign agreements and give blank checks to spread a faithful hand to the party. When they asked about how their money was spent, some of them claimed to be mistreated. Although they agreed to this proposition at first, they each had a unique perspective toward the party.
“These so-called candidates were misusing their potential in the form of protest by contesting in their respective constituencies. The protestors were obviously attacking the idea of the party and filing some irrelevant and fake complaints, as a result, they have gone underground and are not to be found. They are doing this for fear of being attacked. They were given the tickets by the party because they sought to stand out from other parties by not following procedures.” AIMEP spokesperson, Siraj Ahmad Jafari said.


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