The Taliban continue to fight for worldwide recognition.

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Since gaining power in August, the group has struggled to acquire recognition after courting world leaders over the past two years.
Efforts to gain international acclaim
Since taking control in August, the Taliban has been in a desperate effort to have its Islamic Emirate recognized worldwide as Afghanistan’s formal government.
Those efforts, however, have yet to bear fruit.
The group’s leadership has been busy, but not for lack of effort. It has been meeting with UN officials, who told the Taliban last month that the organization will continue to aid them in the nation.
On the other hand, the UN turned down the Taliban’s request to have its representative speak before the General Assembly.
Frozen assets
However, none of these countries has yet to recognize the Taliban as the country’s legitimate government formally. This acknowledgment is critical for the Taliban’s credibility. Because the country is still struggling after the US, World Bank and IMF cut off Kabul’s access to more than $9.5 billion in loans, money, and assets.
In contrast to the prior ten years, when the Taliban made multiple travels across the area as part of their peace talks with the US administration, it now finds itself isolated diplomatically.
The Taliban have held several direct and indirect meetings with representatives from other countries since they arrived in Doha in 2011. These efforts were stepped up in the last two years when they traveled to Uzbekistan, Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, China, and Pakistan on official tours.
These visits were termed the “Taliban’s globe tour” by some Kabul insiders at the time.
Even foreign capitals that formerly excitedly awaited the Taliban’s visits have now taken a severe, if not downright hostile, tone against the group.


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