The prime focus of the MEP is to create employment in Karnataka.

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The prime focus of the MEP is to create employment in Karnataka so youth can easily get jobs in their hometown. MEP will be focussing on installing factories and industries in the state to generate employment. Lack of employment is one of the core issues in Karnataka and no one is talking about it. In the upcoming assembly election employment and youth development would be the MEP party’s core agenda. MEP has come with a roadmap to create employment in the state and with the grace of god MEP will witness victory.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik truly salutes the endeavor and spirit of all the hardworking and dedicated party workers. Workers’ spirit will be fruitful as the party has geared up to contest the Karnataka assembly election on the core issue. The main agenda of AIMEP is to see India as a developed economy where the common man, woman, citizen is able to benefit from the taxes they pay to the government and it will strive to ensure that the common man is benefited from the schemes and programs implemented by the government. Dr. Nowhera Shaik has been very active on the issue of women’s safety and women’s education.

Before entering into politics Dr. Nowhera has been working to empower poor and needy women in society. Politics is just a platform for Shaik to serve and help people at large. Thought the Heera group already working on women’s cause. Nowhera Shaik launched the Heera group to give employment and business opportunities to women. Indian politics needs Dr. Nowhera because no one has worked for women’s cause as she did in the last 25 years. Shaik runs free residential schools for girls and encourages them to be self-reliant in life


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