The Pentagon confirms an explosion outside Kabul International Airport.

An explosion on Kabul Airport

Pentagon reported an explosion outside Kabul. According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, the majority of casualties is still unknown.
Because of the possibility of an assault by an affiliate of the ISIL (ISIS) armed group, the United States and its allies have recommended travellers avoid Kabul international airport.
In the 11 days since the Taliban occupied Kabul, the United States and its allies have carried out one of the largest air evacuations in history, evacuating almost 88,000 people. According to the US military, planes take off every 39 minutes.
Taliban fighters have been stationed outside the airport’s perimeter, swarmed by thousands of passengers fleeing Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.
According to the reports from Kabul, some 1,500 US passport holders who were supposed to be evacuated remained in the city.
Recent reports stated that “The United States and the Taliban have reached an agreement. The Taliban are under strong orders not to let anyone through without a passport, a green card, or verified paperwork, and there is some uncertainty about what a validated document looks like”
The US military announced Thursday that a massive explosion happened outside Afghanistan’s Kabul airport, as the US-led evacuation of thousands of people continued inside the compound.

“We can confirm an explosion outside Kabul International Airport. At this time, the number of casualties remains unknown.

We will provide more information as soon as we are able,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.
On the other hand, Canada announced its evacuation operations in Afghanistan, where foreign governments are hurrying to airlift out citizens and Afghan friends following a Taliban takeover and ahead of a deadline.
“Our evacuation activities have ceased during the last day,” Canadian military ministry official Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre said at a press briefing, adding that only a small crew remained on the field.
Canada was “among the last to suspend evacuation operations,” he added, after other countries with forces in Afghanistan declared they would end their rescue efforts before an August 31 deadline.


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