The MEP intends to build hospitals in every village in Uttar Pradesh.

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On March 10th, the MEP will form the government in Uttar Pradesh. The main focus of the MEP manifesto is development. The party has consistently worked on Uttar Pradesh’s farmers, youth, and women. After becoming the government, MEP would develop schools, colleges, and hospitals in every village in Uttar Pradesh. The health sector is the party’s primary concern, and the party will seek to improve the deteriorating structure, inshaAllah. The party plans to create special hospitals for women in each district of Uttar Pradesh to get a free check-up. Healthcare has never been regarded as critically important. This is clear from the fact that, following independence, only three national health policies were established, and it is likely that none were fully followed in letter and spirit.
The first step in resolving any problem is to establish a clear aim. Efforts to improve health care have been hampered by a lack of clarity about the aim of pursuing the incorrect purpose. Narrow aims like enhancing access to treatment, controlling costs, and increasing profits have been a diversion. Access to poor treatment is not the goal, nor is cost-cutting at the expense of quality.

The MEP Scheme to Improve the Health Sector.

  • Health for all…. A new dimension in the system of health care and hygiene.
  • The expansion of the public health and hygiene system.
  • Super Specialty Hospitals will be established at each zone headquarters.
  • Hospitals should be built in every village.
  • Encouraging public-private collaboration in the healthcare and hygiene systems.
  • Extending telecommunications and contemporary practises in health care and cleanliness to the state’s most distant districts.
  • Establishment of a commission to oversee the appropriate development of the textile industry.
  • Mobile medical services are available in every town around the state.
  • Steps are being taken to fill all vacant doctor positions at government hospitals.


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