The All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) has developed a plan to create jobs in Uttar Pradesh.

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The All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) has developed a plan to create jobs in Uttar Pradesh. Unemployment is at its highest level in 45 years, and it will be a major issue in the upcoming elections. According to a survey, there are already 29.4 million people seeking work, and another 40.7 million will enter the labor force between 2019 and 2024, bringing the overall job requirement to slightly more than 70 million.
If the MEPs were elected, they would offer a separate budget with the goal of giving “priority to issues impacting the farm industry.” To oversee the design and implementation of all agriculture-related projects, an impartial panel of “renowned economists, social scientists, and statisticians” will be formed. The party will also focus on developing assets to solve water security and soil quality concerns.
With unemployment reaching a 45-year high of 6.1 percent, MEP will prioritize job preservation and job creation. Our government will fill the more than 22 lakh empty vacancies in various government ministries. Bank loan defaults are tolerated by the wealthy and businessmen, but farmers are imprisoned. By 2023-24, the MEP party proposes to increase education spending from 3% to 6% of GDP and healthcare spending from 1.5 to 3% of GDP.
The MEP administration will also introduce the Right to Health Care Act, which will guarantee healthcare to all citizens. The MEP government will present an action agenda that will position India at the forefront of the fight against global warming and environmental conservation. Recognizing that air pollution constitutes a “national public health emergency.” The Party intends to expand the National Clean Air Program.


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