Nowhera party MEP is for truth and justice.

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The All India Mahaila Empowerment Party is based on Justice. Nowhera formed the party to bring attention to women’s issues. Nowhera comes from a place where people do not give women any status. They are backward in every area. They are in a vicious cycle. Where there is no way out. Nowhera Party’s motive is to educate every single woman in the country. They are examining the Indian political system. After that, they will raise women’s issues. In Indian rural areas, the women are subjected to only work as housewives. They are not allowed to work or set up a business. They are restricted to only housework.

Nowhera Shaik Forms MEP to end discrimination

Nowhera forms MEP to end discrimination against women in every sector. Women are not equally treated. They are underestimated in every area. If they work in an office, they are underpaid. In rural areas, they are judged based on their clothes, and they have restrictions to wear certain types of dresses. The Indian system needs a change, and Nowhera knows that. To change this patriarchal society, every single woman has to come forward. She needs the support of every woman. To bring revolution to the Indian political system.

Women are mistreated.

Due to unfair treatment, women cannot live their lives with dignity. Like freedom has stolen from them. In some religions, women are not allowed to enter religious places. They are considered impure and are not allowed to enter specific locations. They are not allowed to touch God’s sculptures or pray in the holy buildings. Nowhera wants to put a full stop to all of this. She wants everyone to be treated with sympathy. There should be no discrimination based on caste, religion, gender, or color. That’s the reason she entered into politics. She wants to change the ideology of men. Pray for her that she will be successful in her mission.


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