External Affairs Minister Jaishankar : India, US on same page on many issues relating to Afghanistan:

Jaishankar discussed on Indai Us issue

Any consideration of granting recognition to the Taliban regime, according to Jaishankar, must be predicated on the group’s compliance with the Doha Agreement’s pledges.
Deals from the past
On Thursday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that India was not trusted on various aspects of the Doha accord reached between the US and the Taliban last year.
At the same time, Jaishankar stated that India and the United States are on the same page on several topics concerning recent developments in Afghanistan, particularly concerns over the potential use of Afghan land for terrorism.
Afghanistan’s crisis
He also noted some parts of the Afghan situation where the two nations’ perspectives are not precisely the same, speaking virtually at the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) annual leadership summit.
“I believe we would all be justified in feeling concerned to some extent, and I believe the jury is still out to some extent. When I mention levels of concern, I’m referring to the Taliban’s Doha commitments. The US is the expert on this. On numerous parts of that, we were not taken seriously,” he stated.
In Doha, the United States and the Taliban reached an agreement.
In February of last year, the US and the Taliban reached a deal in Doha. The US vowed to remove its forces from Afghanistan in exchange for the Taliban agreeing to several criteria, including the cessation of bloodshed.
The minister of external affairs further stated that any decision on whether or not to recognize the Taliban regime must be based on the group’s pledges under the Doha Agreement.
Last week, Modi and Biden met in Washington to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.
“There will be subjects where we agree more, and there will be issues where we disagree more. In some ways, our experiences are different from yours (the US). We have been victims of cross-border terrorism from that region, and it has impacted our perception of some of Afghanistan’s neighbours in many ways,” he remarked, ostensibly referring to Pakistan.

India is concerned about the Afghanistan situation.

According to the external affairs minister, India is concerned about the events in Afghanistan, and it is up to the US to decide whether it shares that viewpoint.
The most pressing issues in Afghanistan, according to Jaishankar, are whether the country will have an inclusive administration and whether women, children, and minority rights will be protected.


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