Why are Indian Politicians not worried about the Growth of the Nation?

It is the time we should think about the “Education qualification for politicians” ; we have seen many politicians ruling us without even minimum education; they must calculate their Money in their pocket. It happens mostly only in India. Of course, No education is more than the education of life they have. It doesn’t make sense when a person who has Uncultured background, who has attempted to kill a person, sit in the Position of Minister starting to rule that Position in their point of view.

Should there be an Education Qualification for Politician?

Every person has its way of thinking and living; only those who wish good to everyone around them can rule people and their hearts. Not only that, he has to have the good concern of developing this country. It’s been more than seven decades having Independence, but nowhere do we see that Independence, maybe on-road, on public transports, public places wherever we go. When our IAS officers have to clear the toughest exams in the world to be in that respectable Position, why do not our Politicians have any criteria to join a party?

Nowadays, joining politicians is making Money which is why there is so much competition to be a Minister. Anyone can join the politics as there is no need of “education qualification for politicians”. When a person is ready to take up all on his head and work for the nation, they start grabbing their legs to make sure they fall. In 5 years, they get, what will be achieved, few controversies, few events, few election rallies. Am I right?
We have many parties all over the country. Whichever the Party is, there will be no support when one Party initiates a good work. None are ready to take up the responsibility nor initiative. To the country’s overall development, no matter which Party is, everyone has to move forward to support each other. Also, we have population issues, unemployment, cultural beliefs, and thoughts dragging us from being developed. We have to select eligible candidates to be proud of ourselves. People sell their voting right just for few bucks, which is also one of the cheapest thoughts in our people.


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