Congratulations to Mrs. Sunita Mohan Tupasondarya, who has been named the AIMEP’s working Mahila President for Mumbai.

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The Maharashtra unit of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) has been formed. Mrs. Sunita Mohan Tupasondarya has been selected as the working president of the Mumbai City Corporation. She has always strived to develop the party and has been a very active member of it. MEP has been actively involved in welfare initiatives for women, youth, and farmers.
Mrs. Sunita has always worked to promote the MEP’s feminist and child empowerment agenda. The national core committee of the party has agreed to designate Mrs. Sunita Mohan Tupasondarya as the party’s working Mahila President of Mumbai city, based on feedback from MEP members in Maharashtra state. Nowhera Shaik is hopeful that Mrs. Sunita Mohan Tupasondarya will work tirelessly to spread the party’s ideas and propel the party to new heights in Mumbai.
The All India Mahila Empowerment Party has been working hard to expand its support in various sections of the country. The party has established its unit in states like Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.
MEP’s Uttar Pradesh section was recently formed under the leadership of a candidate for the state assembly election. Matiur Rahman was named State President of MEP Uttar Pradesh by the national core committee, along with Vice President Rajesh Kumar, Secretary Mr. Arshad, Treasurer Abdullah Khan, and General Secretary Ajaz Ahamd.
AIMEP’s fundamental goal is to view India as a developed economy where the common man/woman/citizen may profit from the taxes they pay to the government, and we will work hard to ensure that the common man benefits from the government’s plans and programs.


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