Aspirants Want to Run for BMC Elections from AIMEP

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It is a very happy moment to announce that the working president of Mumbai, Sunita, and National working president Farida is here with us for this greater cause. They have submitted the finalized candidate list and the member’s list for the upcoming BMC elections.

I am very happy because of the people who have worked for this party, whether remotely or in person. The members should know that our party will only fight for human justice, disregarding religion, caste, and color. We only stand against the injustices around the whole country. We are running for this election hoping that we will win, not because of money or anything but with the love of common people.

The AIMEP party will give more than 50% of seats to women in Maharashtra in corporate elections.

The AIMEP will give more than 50% of seats to women in Maharashtra in corporate elections. We welcome candidates from different ethnicities, and Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and aspirants from every religion are accepted at our party.Next, we are against any religious or political turmoil. As the president of the party, I will not tolerate any disturbance. We are one under the Indian constitution, and we are equal.
The final message is for the people of Maharashtra, and I want them to give a chance to secular parties like AIMEP. We are requesting to give either a seat or a district or a state this time to AIMEP, and they will make sure to solve all your problems; water, electricity, jobs, and many more.

We are making women more empowered, but that does not mean we will leave the male members all on their own. They are requested not to be sad, and AIMEP will have no objections to giving them the prominent seats they deserve, be it CM or any other seat. They are our brothers, fathers, and sons.


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