Afghanistan to receive $31 million in emergency relief from China:

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As the Taliban named the members of its new administration, China stated that it will provide at least $31 million in emergency aid to Afghanistan, including coronavirus vaccines.


The declaration was made by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during a meeting with foreign ministers from Afghanistan’s neighbours, including Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran, and Turkmenistan, on Wednesday.

The Taliban has stated recently that China will be their “primary partner” in rebuilding the war-torn country.

Efforts in the fields of humanitarianism and well-being:

China shares a land border with Afghanistan, where the Taliban proclaimed a new government on Tuesday that includes people wanted by the US. Apart from humanitarian and health measures, Wang believes China can assist Afghanistan in keeping its ports open and managing refugees and migrants, as well as strengthening counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics cooperation.

China is pushing the Taliban to break all relations with the country’s “superpowers” and take action against them. “To ensure regional security and stability, all parties should improve intelligence sharing and border control cooperation to capture and eradicate terrorist groups into Afghanistan,” Wang added.

Wang also urged the Taliban to break connections with all “extremist forces” in the nation and take action against them.

Virtual meeting

Wang also emphasised at the digital forum that the US and its allies had a duty to assist Afghanistan following the removal of American forces.

He claimed that China was more accountable than any other country for giving economic, livelihood, and humanitarian aid to the Afghan people, as well as for sustaining Afghanistan’s stability, preventing instability, and respecting the country’s sovereignty and independence.

China had earlier expressed its delight at the end of the “three weeks of anarchy,” saying that the formation of a new interim administration and the nomination of new officials was “very important.”

Taliban officials have referred to China as Afghanistan’s most significant ally, pinning their hopes on Chinese investment and assistance in rebuilding the war-ravaged country. Beijing has made significant attempts to build positive relationships with the Taliban.


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