Voice Of Victims Channel Youtuber Arrested In Mumbai In The Rape Case

In Mumbai, a Youtuber known as the Voice of Victims was arrested in connection with a rape case. YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites nowadays. Great YouTubers creates material for the general public not for entertainment only, but it’s also a platform for earning millions.
During a pandemic, the entire world was quarantined. People are learning new skills by watching tutorial videos. Students are receiving free education, whereas the unemployed are seeing the face of employment through their personal YouTube channels. Advertisements, premium memberships, channel memberships, goods sales, and other methods are used to generate revenue. However, due to the increased use of the platform, crime scenes are also developing here.
Crimes committed via YouTube
There is no platform in the globe that is not influenced by the crime scene. YouTube is not an exception. Today, YouTube has some YouTubers who are criminals hiding behind the guise of innocence. The level of crime on the internet platform varies. Some channels are disseminating false information and misinforming the public. They specifically target YouTube’s uninformed consumers. This incorrect information is being disseminated.
Sexual exploitation of personal videos is another felony. YouTube has various rules that expressly prohibit videos that include sexual images. However, some channels broadcast such movies in order to make them “viral.” These are some examples of crimes perpetrated using the internet. However, some YouTubers are reportedly not normal people because of the crimes they commit. Trey Sesler, a Lens Cap Productions YouTuber, murdered his family at their house in 2012. He was found to be guilty and charged with capital murder.


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