Two cough syrups were announced as substandard by World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised against giving two cough syrups manufactured by the Noida-based Marion Biotech to children. In December, these products were linked to 19 deaths in Uzbekistan. According to the Uzbek state security service, four people have been arrested as part of an investigation into the deaths of 19 children who ingested the cough syrups. As 19 innocent children are killed, the question of responsibility arises.

“AMBRONOL syrup and DOK-1 Max syrup are the two products. Marion Biotech is the stated manufacturer of both products (Uttar Pradesh, India). According to reports, laboratory testing revealed that both products contained unacceptable levels of diethylene glycol and/or ethylene.

It is also claimed that Marion has yet to provide the WHO with assurances regarding the safety and quality of these products. The Health Ministry of India issued the directive, which called for the company’s production to be halted. According to recent reports, Uttar Pradesh has suspended Marion’s production licence. Marion Biotech, on the other hand, announced last month, shortly after the series of deaths, that it had ceased production of the syrup.

The appropriate authorities must conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether any negligence occurred during the manufacturing process. Such incidents have painted a negative picture of the country. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare must also take serious steps to ensure that such fatal errors do not occur again in future.

India has become one of the leading countries in international trade and commerce. The country’s developments have been appreciated from various directions, and it is considered that India will become an economic superpower in the decades to come. But the concerned authorities must also make strong regulations so that there will be no compromises in the quality of production before dreaming about becoming a giant in exports.


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