The United Kingdom moves India from Red to the Amber list. What does this mean?

The United Kingdom moves India from Red to the Amber list.

The United Kingdom on Wednesday announced an update to the “Red-Amber-Green.” Traffic light rating. This classification will help people from different countries understand the rules they must follow to enter the country. As per this announcement, there will be no need for compulsory 10-days hotel quarantine as India has been moved from the red to the amber category. UK moves India from Red to the Amber list
For international travelers, the United Kingdom has a traffic light system, and travelers coming from those countries on the amber list are not subject to compulsory 10-days hotel quarantine; instead, they will have to undergo a 10-days quarantine at home.

The United Kingdom announced its newest COVID-19 update on Wednesday, UK moves India from ‘red’ to the ‘amber’ list. The revised revision will take effect on August 8th.

This comes as a good sign for Indian communities demanding relaxation in travel between India and Britain. The UK transport department also informed that UAE, QATAR, BAHRAIN would be moved from the redo amber category.
What does this mean for travelers from India?
Indian travelers who are traveling to the United Kingdom will have to follow the following steps:
Take a COVID test within the three days of their flight.
Book in advance for two COVID tests, which will be taken upon arrival in England.
On arrival, complete the passenger locator form.
Book for home or any other place for 10-days quarantine in England.
Have COVID test on or before day two and on or after day eight.
Who is exempted?
Those under the age of 18 years and fully vaccinated in the UK are exempt from home quarantine.
India-manufactured Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, Covi Shield are likely to be covered under this exemption.
Those with the two doses of vaccine received in the EU and the US are exempted from home quarantine.
These steps will help such people who are looking to travel to the United Kingdom.


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