The Supreme Court has dismissed all cases against The Heera Group.

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The Supreme Court has ruled that no further cases against The Heera Gold Exim Pvt Ltd will be brought forward. “For years, the severe investigative agencies have not been able to complete the work of identifying the investors’ claims, and other minor apprehensions cannot be a satisfactory solution,” the Supreme Court stated. The Supreme Court has expressed the hope that the investigating agencies would thoroughly investigate the demands and that they will be resolved as quickly as possible.
Following the successful completion of the enormous challenge, the Heera Group reaffirmed its commitment to being on the side of the people. Finally, the organisation has taken a stand with the people and has attended to their wishes and desires for many years. The Heera Group expressed heartfelt gratitude to Allah the Almighty and the Judicial System for assisting the group and dispelling any doubts about the group’s correct and clean business practices. Dr Nowhera Shaik, the founder and CEO of the Heera Group of Companies, also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the thousands of investors who have maintained their precious confidence in the group, making it more resilient and deserving of continuing to provide people-centric services in the future.
On October 14, 2018, Nowhera Shaik was arrested and brought into custody. In the most recent social media live, she revealed that many companies had accused Nowhera of committing serious crimes. Despite this, she is filled with thanks and reverence for every individual who stood by her side and provided her with moral and emotional support during her difficult period. After Nowhera’s arrest, the Heera Group’s information centre was shut down for 4-5 days.
Throughout her stay in detention, she exerted every effort she could to obtain justice, and when she was released, she was more forceful and confident than she had been previously.


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