Press Release of Hera Group

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The press release was about the illegal construction on the property of Hera Group, although she was in custody. The agencies also took about 2 years to go into the serious matter, which is also a concern.
In this press conference, some of the main points were mentioned and were heard by the honorable judges Mr. Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice Mr.M. Sundresh. They stated as “We have already stated that we will not entertain any new applications in this proceeding.”

And orders to dissolve all the applications and transfer all the old and new matters of Hera Group are transferred to SFIO.

The Apex Court also stated that on page 7, a third paragraph, Hera Group has the permission to impose technical staff and report in three days before the Apex Court.
The Honorable judges also stated that:
“We do not appreciate why the petitioners were not helped to the fullest extent; moreover, the investigation agency has completed the task although they worked together for years. We are not willing to accept mere apprehension as an answer, and we hope this will help quickly process the investigations.”
“We may conclude before departure that it is their property, as per learned counsel for the non-applicants, and the decree is collusive. They have also noted an appeal before the applicant’s authority.”
The jury came across many statements with a question mark, such as,
Why does the FSL take so much time to submit the report?
Why did different investigating agencies fail to complete the task after taking the custody of the CEO for more than 2 years?
Why do the agencies, including SFIO, not take the assistance of the Hera Group, although they are offering it from the beginning?


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