Pottery culture in India is being denied

Pottery Culture

All are going advanced and forgetting our precious cultures like pottery. We have many such cultures misleading and not taken ahead. It’s very old, having a separate caste and tribes who have been following this culture of making pots. This skill is the real art of getting shapes using clay, which can bloom on pottery wheels when experts try to shape. Those are then heated to make them ready to use.

It’s said from few sources that the pottery began during Indus Valley Civilization. The clay pots are used to store water and food, which would be the best way to store water to cool naturally rather than refrigeration.

The alkaline clay interacts with the acidity of water, keeping a normal pH balance in the water; this helps to get rid of gastric effects and pains caused due to it. This nature of clay is useful for everyone as most people face gastric problems these days. Those who depend on this culture of pottery would be affected most in this pandemic. They have to wait years to sell as this is sold occasionally during Dussehra and a few festivals. The Diya’s, which are so traditional and enlightened, are being denied because of plastic lightings in these festivals. The clay vessels are used for cooking fishes too.

During the olden days, it’s as normal as steel utensils today. We used this to plant the flower plants around our home. It’s all gone, though few are cultivating this even these days. Artists can give more businesses too for these people as these pieces of art (pottery)can add more beauty to the art of artists. 

Let’s start using clay-made things to keep our health and surroundings sound cool. We can always stay healthy by adapting this creative art culture ourselves.


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