PM Modi Government Was Unable to Manufacture Enough Vaccines

PM Modi Failure in Controlling Covid-19 in India

PM Modi’s Government Was Unable to Manufacture Enough Vaccines

People were crying with pain, PM Modi they were mourning at the death of their loved ones, they were screaming for help. it was the picture of May, 2021 when covid-19 killed many people in India. The situation was horrible.
Beds were not available in the hospitals, people were searching madly for oxygen cylinders, and there were the
shortage of medicines at the medical stores. It was a complete failure of the system.

PM Modi government has to ensure all the facilities to the people if we live in a democratic country like India.
At the time of pandemic, the duty of government increases. It has to provide all the essentials to the people entailing medical facility. During pandemic the government has o ensure the surplus stock of medicines and other medical facilities. We have clearly witnessed the horrible and painful picture of our country during this pandemic.

PM Modi got exposed through media when he was not able to provide essential medical
facility to the concerned people. Many people lost their lives just because they could not get proper
treatment even, some of them could not get a bed for treatment. Every day we were reading news
related to death. Problems did not stop here, after the launch of the vaccine; it was not available in the
stock. Government was unable to manufacture enough vaccines. There were many loopholes in the
process of distribution of vaccines. All the lacunas have been exposed and a major failure comes out.
A proper planning was required to cop up with the pandemic. when Though India has a large population


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