Indian Government push for sugar-fueled Cars

Sugar fuel cars

PM Modi had advanced the target for blending 25% ethanol in gasoline as soon as 2023 approaches. This can lead to up to 6 billion liters of ethanol from sugar canes and other sources. India has a great production of sugar, the world’s second-biggest producer of sugar. That’s why PM Modi puts emphasis on sugar fueled cars.

To achieve the target set by India, we need to boost ethanol production by three times, about 10 billion liters in the year. This will be a great challenge for India to create such a large capacity within a short period. 

Ethanol blending advantages:

There will be a reduction in air pollution due to ethanol blending.

Because of ethanol blending, there will be a reduction in oil import bills.

Profitable for farmers as there will be an increase in their investment due to ethanol blending.

A great step toward energy security.

Will provide more job opportunities.

How will the government support this process?

The government will have to follow the following process to support this process:

Give loans to mills to enhance their capacities.

Should give quick clearance to set up new production units for ethanol.

Have to reduce taxes on ethanol

Offer flour price for the fuel.

Modi’s government’s quest for sugar-fueled cars could cause problems for global policymakers.

Indian strategy: India is adopting a similar strategy to Brazil that promoted sugarcane-based ethanol for more than 40 years to ease its sugar stuff, reduce the oil imported bills, and increase energy security. Presently Brazil has the largest deft of flex-fuel cars that can run on any blend of ethanol and gasoline.

India will allow the production of ethanol-based flex engines. As per the government estimate, India can save $4 billion annually because of the use of biofuels in transport that can ease the economic burden from high crude prices. This is a great initiative and an indication that India is advancing in technology day by day.

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