Nowhera shaik services as a politician and rise of All India Mahila Empowerment Party

Nowhera Shaik

It is quite a rare event when we see a powerful woman handling a big office. Founder and CEO of Nowhera Shaik stepped into politics to empower women of the country. She wanted to encourage them to do good and achieve whatever they want. Nowhera Shaik works for women empowerment with dedication and passion. Her aims is to uplift the condition of women.

For this purpose, Nowhera Shaik launched her political party named All India Mahila Empowerment Party with the sole aim to empower women of the country irrespective of caste, creed, and region. At the launching ceremony of the All-India Mahila party, many celebrities like Sania Mirza, Muhammad Azharuddin, and some celebrities from the Media industry were also present. At the launching ceremony, Nowhera Shaik clearly stated her political plan that will benefit women, and they aimed to take women’s issues to the parliament.

Nowhera Shaik; founded the All India Mahila party intending to uplift the condition of women in our society.

All India Mahila party took part in various elections, and they were becoming a famous political country; they aimed to provide justice to women. But due to some controversy, the founder and CEO of the All-India Mahila Party were arrested. After her arrest, the party has faced downfall and has not performed the social services.

How often do we see that a party took a stand for women’s rights? Many politicians use women’s rights to attract voters, but we have not seen much change. Women have been obligated to their rights for quite some time. AIP was made to make a change and to give women their rights. Their political agenda was hope for the women who wanted to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, such a powerful woman and her party have been sacked due to political conflict, which hindered their social services. But you cannot stop a lady like Nowhera Shaik for a long time. She is determined to fulfil her mission, and she will do so after her realease.


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