Modi Government has Lost India Economy

Modi Government has Lost India Economy

Has Modi Government failed in Controlling Covid-19?

A Modi Government horrible scene was everywhere when public places were turning into cremation points. Many of children became an orphan, women want to lose their husbands and lots of homes we left with no person. It was a pathetic, painful, and pity situation for the whole country during the second wave of covid-19. People were helpless as no beds were available in the hospitals. People were crying in pain for the treatment. They wanted to get admitted to the hospitals so that could get proper treatment but they got only death. There were no beds, no oxygen in the hospitals.

Indian government got failed managing the situation. It is the government’s duty to arrange the medical types of equipment and other facilities for the people. There was not a proper mechanism to face coronavirus.  There was no roadmap to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. Due to the inefficiencies in the system, common people had to suffer a lot. People had to beg for the life of their loved ones. They were helpless and hopeless. Medicines were out of stock, there was a rush for oxygen cylinders and beds but the government was not at all available to provide all these facilities.

A pandemic is the worse situation ever, where it is the obvious duty of the government to analyze the situation and prepare a mechanism to deal with it. If people have to beg for their life, if they have to lose their life only because of mismanagement, it is so adverse. Modi government has to accept their failure in controlling covid-19. The government would have planned efficiently, would have ordered surplus stock for medicines and medical types of equipment. It is easy to deliver a speech and to console but it is positively difficult to help in real meaning. Modi government could not help people in the reality.


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