Media in 21st Century? Is anything ethical here?

Media in 21st Century

On 21st Century Digital media have brought up unbelievable potential capabilities to deliver information innovative in new and ways. The arrival of internet communication and penetration of mobile devices has led to a consequent shift towards a new media, where social networks, blogs, forums, digital marketing, etc. are influencing consumers’ media usage behavior. One of the biggest additions in media platforms is through the advent of social media, as it has the power to generate insights, build awareness to stimulate demand, and more importantly, deliver
offerings tailored to a group or even to a specific person.

Benefits of 21st Century

Though the biggest benefit is that new media removes boundaries, eliminates silos, and can
associate interactions from any part of this world, it has also brought hitherto unheard-of
moral issues and a variety of challenges. With the way that the web has progressed toward
becoming an information haven for individuals to distribute whatever they consider fit for
public utilization.Thus, it is becoming harder to stay on with the journalistic practices to put
up with the ethical commitment to the general public. Perhaps the thorniest issue is anyone
with a tad of computer knowledge can be a content creator, where one can disseminate the
information from his or her own personal perspective with the world and may end up selling
it better. it is Though citizen journalism and social media haven’t replaced professionally.

However, journalism, but has put up a lot of pressure on traditional media houses. In the 21st
century, the media houses are under continuous pressure to play up and dwell on stories that are
sensational. There is a major shift in the type of content that gets reported like reporters often
over-dramatize a certain event and even deviate from the actual sources and even end up making
factual errors. This way the genuine issues that distress our lives might be deprived of actual attention.

Though there are several reasons for the emergence of such practices, one of the
the primary reason is to sustain and stay relevant, the media houses are expected to bring out the
information faster, make them exciting, and concluded, to make exclusive coverage on a certain type of
stories, even though they are less important. on 21st Century, The news coming out of social media is
directly consumed and even read out on the television to carry further discussions on them


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