That was only an “Emotional Outburst”.

Manoranjan Byapari

Dalit writer turned into MLA, Manoranjan Byapari from TMC has post one sentence related to politics on facebook which went viral. He clarified that, that post was only an emotional outburst nothing else. then He advised to people that thses types of emotional feelings shared on social media platforms should not be politicised. and He wrote on facebook that “feeling suffocated in politics”. After the post went viral, many people assumed that he might be facing any problem in politics feeling helpless that is why posted this kind of gloomy and hopeless comment on the facebook.

Manoranjan Byapari clarified that he was emotional after not being able to help some needy persons that is why he wrote that statement on facebook.  He explained that he could not help two people when they were seeking help for getting admitted in the hospitals. Manoranjan Bypari stated that he was feeling suffocated for not providing them solution of their problem. According to him whenever he is not able to help needy people, he feels sad and disappointed with himself. He has given an advice to people too that these types of emotional posts should not be politicised as they are just an outburst which we feel for time being.

Manoranjan Byapari is a dalit writer too and as a dalit writer he depicts the real life and real problems of people. He has informed too that the money which he gets from his literary writings, will be donating to all needy persons. and He stated that he is an emotional person who wants to see everyone happy and whenever he sees people sad, he feels suffocating. then He also stated that his statement on facebook has nothing to do with politics. He assured to his supporters that he will be continuing his services as MLA.  


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