Heera Group promoted real women’s causes.

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Heera Group is the real promoter of women’s causes in India. For the last two decades organizations have been working to empower women and girl children. She suffered because she extended help to the downtrodden and poor section of society. Heera Group emerged as the real advocate for women’s rights and justice in India. In terms of women’s advocacy, no one can reject Heera Group’s endeavors.

Heera Group will never abandon its sacred cause of women empowerment.

Heera Group provides better opportunities to girls and women of our society in every field either education or employment. Heera Group is probably the only organization by and for women. For the last two decades, it has been training and educating poor girls in its free educational institutions. Nowhera Shaik has endeavored to empower and encourage women in their respective fields. Heera Group has never advertised its work to gain attention and sympathy from people. The organization has been working hard in silence and now its success is making noise. However, enemies and rivals could not digest the success and fame of the Heera Group which it is getting from the public. Heera Group will continue to work for women’s empowerment. Heera Group will never abandon its sacred cause of women empowerment.


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