Gender discrimination in India should be Stopped

gender disrimination in India

Gender discrimination in India is a serious threat to our society. Society, what is that? Without women, will that community would have formed? We are surrounded by well-educated, well settled, well-groomed, well cultured, and many more when it comes to a baby girl or boy its only BOY.
You trip all over the world; what did you learn from those trips? You get educated to a minimum of twenty-five years from the day you are born; what did you know? Not to respect a girl?

Don’t blame others, think, think and think. We have been worshipping goddess Durga, Adishakti, Parvathi when we get into trouble. We have to widen our vision and see what’s happening to all these goddesses around us. You comment when a girl is walking, maybe taking her colour, dress, hair, smile, shape, and many more to be listed. It’s not how she has to be treated; she got equal rights to live as she wishes.

Due to Gender discrimination in India; Girl Childs are still suffering at all levels.

When a girl child is born, you start calculating her wedding cost, dowry and other expenses; why don’t you bother about money when your son is swiping your credit card to get his favourite mobile or Bike to enjoy including his friends. Would you mind not spending your money to marry her instead educate her? If girls are also educated, you can lighten this entire society.
Girls have to be treated well as boys. Nothing can lead this earth; only humanity comes forward. When a son can manage all assets of his father, a girl can also do that. She can be a princess of her own home and where she goes—no need to move on, though, even after marriage.
We take them as a burden because society created these negative vibes in our community, demanding dowry, harassing women, treating them bad, etc. These bad things have to be stopped then only we can say we live in an Independent country. It is time to stop the Gender Inequality in India to progress our social growth.


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