Following the Supreme Court’s approval, a man with bipolar disorder will be appointed as a judge.

SC approves a person with nipolar disorder

The Supreme Court has cleared the way for a candidate with bipolar disorder to be appointed as a judge.
The Supreme Court has cleared the way for a candidate with bipolar disorder to become a judge in the Delhi judicial services, adding that the candidate’s ‘possibility of improvement’ in health would not disqualify him from benefiting from the relaxed standards for the quota for persons with disabilities.
The bench took note of the medical board’s conclusion that “there is nothing to indicate that he will be unable to discharge his responsibilities to the post of a judicial officer for which he has been selected.”
In 2018, the candidate applied for a position as a judicial officer in the Delhi lower judiciary under the seat reserved for people with disabilities.
He was initially chosen as the sole candidate in the “mental illness” category because he had received a disability certificate in 2018 that was valid until 2023.
His appointment was initially challenged because he would be incapable of performing judicial work, and then because he is medically “in remission” and on medication, which means he cannot be considered “disabled.”
In November, a bench of justices led by Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and MM Sundresh referred the case to the medical board, including senior psychiatrists from AIIMS. Considering the medical board’s recommendation, the court upheld the appointment on Monday.


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