Failure of Modi Government; Leadership that is stifled

Failure of Modi government

On Sunday, Congress alleged the Modi government for failure on every part and for betraying people’s trust. The Modi government had turned down its responsibilities towards people and had made blunders.
Some of the major failures of the Modi government include declined economy, raised unemployment, and Covid-19 maladministration. Rahul Gandhi said that the government must have the right policies and should be determined to fight coronavirus because the monthly discussion regarding Covid-19 won’t work as they would be pointless without any action. This was stated by the Congress leader after the monthly speech of PM Modi.

The Big Failures of Modi Government:

The chief spokesperson and Congress General Secretary Randeep Surjewala stated that the Modi government had only betrayed the blind faith of people and this government is harmful to our country as actions have not been taken in these seven years to make India a better country and the government has failed to fulfill its responsibilities in many aspects. He also said that over 130 Indians had chosen the worst kind of government for them based on the countless number of promises PM Narendra Modi made that he cannot fulfill now. But now, it’s high time, and people need to take a step back and think about why our country is suffering.
Congress made a 5-minutes video where the reasons for the failure of the Modi government in the last seven years have been mentioned.
Betrayal of Farmers
Weakening of Different Institutions.
Increased Hatred towards each other
Increased Unemployment
Mishandling Kashmir Case
Media Capture
Questionable Re-writing of the Rafael Deal
Corrosion of India’s Influence in Asia
These are the major reasons for the failure of the Modi government due to which people had to suffer a lot during these seven years.


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