Dr. Nowhera Shaik: A lady with 1000 crore Net worth.

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Dr. Nowhera Shaik has always stuck to her ideals and resorted to developing an interest-free business ambiance in the background of such overwhelming competition. She has designed her company right from the scratches and is genuinely inspiring. The story of her struggling years reverberates among the struggling young girls who are running after their dreams regularly. She runs a chain of industries that deals with food, gold trading, textile, building materials, etc. Nowhera Shaik companies have been a pilgrimage for more than 2 lakh investors spread across the Indian subcontinent. Her estimated net worth is more than a billion rupees.

Heera Group: A Life-Altering Decision.

She aspired to set up her dream project: Her Heera Group, and she established it.
As a person who has known about the challenges she would face, we feel incredibly proud of her for having reached her height in the entrepreneurship world. It’s tough to build the foundation of such a vast group of companies, and that too without financial backup. The Heera Group of Companies has been the most significant and crucial turn point in her career graph. Most people wouldn’t bother to give it a try even. But even after immense hurdles, she worked with her utmost zeal day after day & never gave up on her morals in the process. Her struggle deserves an entire full-feature movie. She hailed from an impoverished family where her mother runs a small business in Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.


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