Arvind Panagariya stated; The pace of Vaccination in India is low

Arvind Panagariya stated Vaccine Production rate is low in India

The famous Economist Arvind Panagariya stated that the pace of vaccination in India is languid. The production rate of the Covid-19 vaccine is very low. Also, The daily shortfall has been noticed in the pace of vaccination in India. The Indian government has notified several reasons for the shortfall in the vaccination process. Official data has been issued by the government portal – Cowin regarding the daily dose of vaccination. The government is facing a lack of supporting staff too. The vaccination process needs a good number of supporting staff, including A.N.M, to successfully complete the vaccination mission in India. Many people slam the Indian government for the slow pace of vaccination in the whole nation.

Covid -19 Vaccine Production rate In India Should increase.

It has been reported that 45 lakh covid-19 vaccine doses were given in a day in April. Vaccine producer companies are saying that it takes around four months for a batch of vaccine production. This may also be a reason for the shortfall of vaccination. Here, a large number of vaccine-production companies are required.

A report by Indian Express shows that India will not achieve its vaccination target of 13.5 crores if the current pace continues. The report also explains that a 9.3 million per day is a vaccination rate is required, whereas the actual rate is only 3.6 million per day. This report shows the gap between target and reality.


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