Chennai experiences the highest rains it has seen since 2015, prompting a flood alarm.

Chennai Flood updates

Chennai has had its worst rainfall since 2015, as rains battered the city and its surrounding suburbs overnight and continue to do so today, causing flooding throughout the city.
Flood warning
On Sunday, authorities issued a preliminary flood warning to the public ahead of the planned opening of two city reservoirs on Monday.
“There is a low-pressure system in the Arabian Sea, and in the Andaman Sea, the new guy who will pound us next week is there(sic),” Pradeep John wrote on Twitter.
Chennai had received 207 millimeters of rain as of 7:30 a.m. on Sunday. Nungambakkam received 145 mm of rain, Villivakkam received 162 mm, and Puzhal received 111 mm.
Worst rainfall since 2015
According to Tamil Nadu weatherman Pradeep John, the city experienced its worst rainfall since December 2015.
It has been confirmed that there is 226 mm of rain in Mylapore, 205 in Ambattur, and Sivappu Sambahavam in Chennai. Meanwhile, it is the wettest 24-hour period in Nungambakkam since 2015, and the rainfall has already exceeded 200 mm, according to Pradeep John’s Twitter account.
Following the severe rains, images of flooded streets, particularly in Chennai’s north and central areas, were widely shared.
According to officials in the city, the Chembarambakkam and Puzhal reservoirs, which are vital sources of drinking water for the city of Chennai, will be opened to release excess rainwater.
After issuing a preliminary flood warning, the state water resources officials urged district collectors in Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur to evacuate individuals who live in low-lying areas and relocate them to safe locations within their jurisdictions.
Since Saturday morning, Chennai and numerous suburbs in the Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur districts have seen sporadic rains and showers that have become non-stop since the night, causing flooding in many locations and causing inconvenience to residents.


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