At least 100 People dead after tornadoes devastate the midwestern US

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After ‘one of the most significant tornado outbreaks in US history rips through several Midwestern states, Joe Biden promises assistance.
US President Joe Biden has pledged assistance to states hit by a swarm of devastating tornadoes that destroyed homes, levelled businesses, and killed at least 100 people.
Biden approved an emergency disaster declaration for the worst-hit state of Kentucky on Saturday, describing the tornadoes as “one of the largest” storm outbreaks in history. At least 22 people have been confirmed dead.
“It’s a tragedy,” a shaken Biden said. “We still don’t know how many people died or the full extent of the damage.”
“I promise you, whatever is needed – whatever is needed – the federal government will find a way to provide it,” he added.
The powerful twisters, which weather forecasters say are unusual in cooler months, destroyed a candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, ripped through a nursing home in neighbouring Arkansas and killed at least six Amazon warehouse workers in Illinois.
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear declared the tornado outbreak to be the most destructive in the state’s history. He stated that approximately 40 workers were rescued from the candle factory, which had around 110 people inside when reduced to a pile of rubble.
Please pray for us.’
One worker had taken to Facebook to request assistance.
“We’re trapped; please, y’all, get us some help,” the woman says, her voice trembling as a coworker moans in the background. “We’re at the Mayfield Candle Factory….” Please, everyone. Please pray for us.”
Kyanna Parsons-Perez, the woman, was trapped under five feet (about 1.5 metres) of debris for at least two hours before rescuers could free her.
In an interview with NBC’s Today, she described the incident as “absolutely the most terrifying” she had ever witnessed. “I didn’t think I’d be able to make it at all.”


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