As the number of Covid-19 cases has decreased, and India will begin issuing tourist visas from October 15.

Tourist visa

According to the MHA, foreign tourists can arrive on chartered flights until November 15 and then via bubble flights for the first time after that.
Suspension of visas
In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, India suspended the issuance of tourist visas in the country for one and a half years.
On Thursday, the government announced that visas would be reissued starting October 15, though tourists will only be permitted to enter the country through charter flights for the next month.
According to the authorities, those who wish to travel to India on “bubble flights” or on regularly scheduled commercial flights would have to wait until November 15.
Following careful consideration of numerous inputs, according to a statement from the ministry, the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) has decided to begin granting new tourist visas to foreigners arriving in India through chartered planes with effect from October 15, 2021.
It is understood that the decision had been under consideration for more than a month. The Tourism Ministry had pushed for the expansion of tourist visas because the tourism and hotel sectors had suffered the most due to the pandemic. In addition, the high number of vaccinations achieved over the last couple of months and the much lower number of infections recorded from broad areas of the country had a role in reaching this conclusion.
Meanwhile, Tourism Secretary Arvind Singh, speaking to media on the sidelines of the Buddhist Circuit Conference in Varanasi, said, “We are aiming for a phased reopening of tourist visas for various nations in the coming months.” However, everything is dependent on how things turn out in the first month.”
“Because chartered planes can be closely viewed and tracked, we will begin with them.” After a month, we will be able to begin accepting commercial international air traffic. “However, it will all rely on how things go once people begin to arrive,” he remarked of the future.
Complete reopening by January
According to officials, depending on the situation with Covid-19, the tourism ministry anticipates a complete reopening by January of the following year. E-tourist visas would be provided free of charge to the first 5 lakh tourists that arrive in the country.


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