Allegations of Caste Discrimination at IIT Bombay Following the Tragic Death of Dalit Student

The 18-year-old IIT Bombay Dalit student, who is believed to have committed suicide, spoke to his sister and aunt about being rejected by friends because of his caste, the family told NDTV. While IIT Bombay officials said there was no discrimination on campus, Darshan Solanki’s family claimed he was harassed.

“When he came last month, he told me, mom and dad, that it was caste discrimination. His friends heard that he belonged to a certain caste, so their behaviour towards him changed. His sister Jhanvi Solanki said they stopped talking and communicating with him.

“He was in trouble, he was tormented. That’s why he did it,” said his mother Tarlikaben Solanki.

Darshan Divyaben’s aunt said, “A month ago when he came here, he said that many students don’t like that I study for free. People are jealous, they ask “why study?” If we spend a lot of money, it should be free for you.” “A lot of students are jealous of me,” he told me. He also didn’t talk to some of his friends.”

Family Claims Harassment and Rejection by Peers, Campus Officials Deny Systematic Discrimination

Rameshbhai Solanki, Darshan’s father, said he had spoken to his son only a few hours before his death.

“Two hours before his suicide, we received a call from IIT. He spoke normally and asked “how are you”. He called and wished my elder brother’s daughter a happy birthday. He said he went out today. I sent money to his account. He said, “I have money, I don’t need money.” I still sent money. I had no idea something like this could happen. IIT Bombay has denied allegations of systematic discrimination against Darshan Solanki and said his death is under investigation.

“IIT Bombay vehemently denies the allegations of some news articles on the tragic death of a BTech 1st year student suggesting discrimination, saying it was ‘institutional murder,'” the statement said. The agency announced Tuesday.

Police have registered an accidental death after Darshan’s death, apparently, after he jumped from the seventh floor of a hostel building on Sunday. They have yet to find the suicide letter, but a group of students claim that he committed suicide on campus due to discrimination against Dalit students.


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