A Big Victory Of Heera Group In Supreme Court Hearing On 12th May.

Heera Group Hearing update

Here is a big update for you all: Heera Group supporters and members. The 12th may be hearing of the Heera Gold case went entirely in favour of the company. Several arguments were made from both sides, and eventually, Hon’ble Court has asked SFIO, after several reminders, why Heera Group bank accounts are not unfrozen. The SC has directed the SFIO several times to unfreeze the Heera Group bank accounts so that it can start repaying investors. However, the SFIO did not unfreeze the Heera Group bank accounts. How can we refund the investor’s money without unfreezing the bank account? Out of 241 bank accounts, only 67 have been de-frozen yet and thus, and it is almost impossible for them to meet the investors’ claim.

Heera Group is ready to assist SFIO in data retrieval and whenever they need it.

It has been more than two years since Heera Group has been asking for company and investors’ data so that it can start the payment process. Data has not been handed over after several reminders and instructions from the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Heera Group is ready anytime to assist the SFIO in data retrieval, and it is up to them whether they need any assistance. One thing is that the Heera Group has always cooperated with investigation agencies and concerned departments. Dr Nowhera Shaik has spent 810 days in police custody and always cooperated with them whenever they asked her to reply. Today Heera Group is ready to assist SFIO in data retrieval and whenever they need it.

Once the claim is verified and bank accounts are unfrozen, everyone will get back their money. Hope for the best soon. The Heera Group will repay investors money. The Heera Group is heading toward victory.


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