Ministry of Earth Science cellebrates its 15th Foundation Day

Ministry of Earth Science

MoES stands for the Ministry of Earth Science. It was launched on 29th January 2006 through a presidential notification. They look after every type of Atmospheric science, Ocean Sciences & Technology and Seismology and much more. The main purpose of the MoES is to address everyone with holistically various aspects by relating to our earth system processes for improving forecast of the weather, climate and various natural geo-hazards properly.

According to the recent updates, MoES celebrated its 15th foundation day at its headquarters located in Prithvi Bhawan, New Delhi, on 27th July. Several societally beneficial initiatives were successfully launched on the ministry’s pretty occasion, and the winners of the MoES National Award 2021 was also declared. The initiatives were launched by the chief guest of the same event, Dr Jitendra Singh.

The initiatives that were taken into action are as follows-The Ministry of Earth Science launched a new website to get through more and more people.

A new book named “Hydrocarbon Fluid Inclusions in Petroliferous Basins” was launched. Dr N Nandakumar authors it.

IMD (under MoES administrative control) developed a new mobile application named “Pune Weather Live.”

A new Integrated digital web portal was launched, MoES-ESSDP (Earth System Science Data Portal), which will provide people with data on various themes of the earth system for public use.

Different national awards are listed below, along with the name of winners-

Lifetime Excellence Award- Dr Satish Shetye

National Award for Ocean Science- Sunil Kumar Singh

National Award for Geoscience & Technology- Dr Kalachand Sain

National Award for Atmospheric Science & Technology- Dr R Krishnan

Anna Mani Award recognising Women Scientists- Dr Thara Prabhakaran, Dr Vandana Prasad

Young Researcher Award- Dr Waliur Rahaman, Dr Kandula V Shubramanyam

National Award for Ocean Technology- Dr MV Ramamurthy


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