Maharashtra aims To Have A ‘Village Of Books’ In Every District.

'Village Of Books' In EveryDistrict Of maharasthra

The Maharashtra government hopes to establish a ‘village of books’ in each district along the lines of Britain’s ‘Hay-On-Wye,’ which is known as the “town of books.”
Funds ready
This plan would be implemented with funds available in Rs 50 lakh for each village.
Subhash Desai, the Marathi language minister, stated that the goal was to instill a love of reading in the peasants, particularly among children.
“In a similar vein, we would like to work on this notion to propagate Marathi language and culture on a global platform,” he said, alluding to the town of Hay-on-Wye in the United Kingdom.
It has been agreed that all available assistance would be provided to develop the infrastructure and other facilities in the designated villages. According to a government official, small libraries and bookshelves will be established in at least ten conspicuous locations throughout the selected villages,” according to a government official.
In addition to winning honors for cleanliness, the town should have earned awards in other state government competitions, such as being designated a strife-free village. According to the authority, “there should be a lot of vegetation.”
Its Significance and importance
It is an excellent initiative, and one hopes it will succeed. It is proven that the more individuals read, and especially children, the more knowledgeable they become.
Education is crucial, and literacy is closely associated with it. When you make reading a habit, it positively impacts your growth.
“They should make their space available for the establishment of the libraries.” “The government will provide the cash to establish the locations, and each location would receive Rs 5 lakh to be used for purchasing furniture, books, and other items,” the source continued.


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