Heera Islamic University: A place of Learning and Making a Future

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Heera International Islamic University which runs under the management of Heera Group, is located in Chandragiri Mandal, 15 Km from Tirupati. It is a stage for spreading Islamic information. College has an organized way for individuals to acquire thorough a comprehension of Islam. The University will have many special courses. North of 1,000 understudies will graduate and outperform 10,000 enrolments . Dr Nowhera Shaik built another model of Islamic instruction.

She thinks Muslims ought to have a double degree, at the same time a degree in Islamic confirmation and regulation in Heera Islamic University. Like the model of Madrasa, scholarly schooling is enhanced with strict classes and the equivalent in advanced education. Heera Islamic University centers around scholarly and general training.

The Interaction among teachers and students will portray an indispensable part in the instructive cycle at Heera Islamic University.One of the extreme difficulties Muslim youth face is broad obliviousness of Islamic educating universally. Heera Islamic University means to tackle the issue by giving a novel report program to Muslim kids. The Interaction among instructors and students will assume an imperative part in the instructive cycle at Heera Islamic University. Instructors will go about as counselors and tutors to understudies to assist them with acquiring information and set them up to become deep rooted students — finally, the Interaction among staff and understudies during classes and in open occasions and local area gatherings.


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