Education is an essential part of life: Nowhera Shaik.

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Education is the essential element of life. Without education, there is no meaning to life. Some people have the ideology that getting an education is not important. They think that school education is of no use in real life. But they didn’t know that education builds necessary skills and traits in children ,which helps in the development of certain characters. Such as Teamwork, Management, and Tolerance. When something becomes abundant, its value is lost. It is the same case here. But Nowhera Shaik knows its values as Nowhera did not have the privilege of getting higher education in her childhood.

Nowhera Shaik spends millions to spread education.

Nowhera Shaik has spent millions of wealth to spread education in the country. She endures in the path to deliver quality education to the poor. Providing education to girls can revolutionize the world. If a girl gets an education, then her child benefits from home education. Some people think that school education is not necessary for a child. But they are wrong. Education in school keeps children engaged in curricular activities and learning. And make them social beings. Education makes people intelligent and leaders. To get a job in a reputed company, education is mandatory. Education makes a person self-dependent.

Education helps us to think logically.

If we don’t educate ourselves, we will not think logically. We will start practicing some old beliefs and customs. An educated person is like the moon in the night and stars in the sky. Being educated, you will learn about arithmetic, Nelson Mandela, Newton’s law, etc. Education helps us in logical decision-making. Education is the greatest weapon for women against abusive relationships. By educating women, we can stop their dependency on men. Nowhera Shaik is providing many girls free education. So that education can work as a support system for them. And this will increase their quality of life and social status.


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