Applicants who identify as Applicants who identify as transgender are now eligible to apply for teaching positions in Karnataka government schools..

first transgender appointed in Karnataka goverment schools

According to The New Indian Express, some government schools in Karnataka will employ instructors who identify as members of the transgender community as part of an effort to promote gender inclusion.
According to the state government’s decision to reserve one percent of all teaching positions for them during the upcoming recruitment process, members of the transgender community will soon be able to work in the education sector in Karnataka. As a result, Karnataka becomes the first state in the country to hire transgender people for positions in the education sector, marking a watershed moment in its history.
Because many government schools were experiencing a teacher shortage, the government could attract guest teachers in some cases. After receiving approval from the Finance Department in December 2021, the Department of Public Instruction began recruiting 15,000 teachers for Classes 6 to 8, with 5,000 of those positions allocated for the Kalyan Karnataka region.
By the draught notification, a minimum of 150 positions in the forthcoming recruiting process will be earmarked for transgender applicants. According to department officials, the decision was made in light of revisions to the Karnataka Civil Service (General Recruitment) Rules, 1977, implemented in the previous year. According to a petition filed with the Karnataka High Court (in 2021), the revisions were implemented.
The Karnataka police department decided to accept transgender people into its ranks in December 2021. The recruitment and training department has published a notification requesting qualified men, women, and transgender individuals to apply for 70 positions at the reserve sub-inspector (RSI) level in the army.
Even though the agency has declared reservations for transgender people, members of the transgender community are unlikely to see any changes to the eligibility requirements. It is necessary for them to be graduates in any subject and to have earned B.Ed degrees in addition to passing the Teacher Eligibility Test” (TET). stories/karnataka-reserves-1-teacher-jobs-for-transgenders-1084541.html


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