A boy from Chennai solves the Rubik’s Cube while riding his bicycle, setting a world record.

Chennai boy solves Rubik's Cube

To set the record, Jayadharshan Venkatesan worked for two years to enhance his Rubik’s cube solving skills.
Solving the Rubik’s Cube is no easy task, and many of those who have tried to solve it have either lost patience or interest due to repeated failures. However, a young man from Chennai completed the riddle in record time. Not only that, but he solved a Rubik’s cube while riding a bicycle, setting a Guinness World Record in the process.
On Instagram, Guinness World Records posted a video of Jayadharshan Venkatesan solving a Rubik’s cube in 14.32 seconds. Jayadharshan was shown riding a bicycle and solving the Rubik’s Cube with both hands in the video. When he finished the challenge, he raised his hand.

Guinness World Records captioned the video, “Speedcubing on a bicycle — 14.32 seconds by Jayadharshan Venkatesan (India).”

The record keeper noted that Jayadharshan had been working on his speed-solving skills for two years before being convinced he could win this title.
The video has received 262K views and several comments complimenting the boy.
“That’s a record,” one person said.
“The lad isn’t even smiling; he means business,” another added, pointing to the boy’s attitude.
“Impressive for his age,” one commenter said, “but the original speed cube solver can break it with some practice if he/she learns how to ride a bicycle.”
A user called attention to Jayadharshan’s idea to combine riding and puzzle-solving. “It’s fun to do it, but the variety of activities people do for world records is incredible.”
Two years ago, another Chennai resident attempted to break the record for the maximum number of Rubik’s cubes solved underwater. Illayaram Sekar set a Guinness World Record by solving six cubes in a single span. He submerged for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, breaking the previous record of five Rubik cubes solved underwater.


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