Why is Cuba immunizing toddlers as young as two years old against Covid?

Cuba vaccine news

The Cuban Medicines Regulatory Agency (Cecmed) has approved the emergency use of the domestically made Soberana-2 vaccination for minors aged two to eighteen.
Cuba has become the world’s first country to allow the use of coronavirus vaccines for infants as young as two years old. The government will use home-grown vaccines that have not been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) to immunize children and adolescents aged 2 to 18 against Covid-19.
Cuba’s Medicines Regulatory Agency (Cecmed) said earlier this month that it had authorized the emergency use of the domestically made Soberana 2 vaccination for adolescents aged 2 to 18.
Despite acute food and pharmaceutical shortages, Cuba has focused on creating its vaccinations rather than relying on other countries. While local scientists claim the Cuban vaccines are safe and effective, there is virtually little data to support their claims.
With most other countries taking a more cautious approach to vaccinating youngsters, some health professionals have criticized Cuba for being too quick in its attempt to vaccinate the majority of its population.

Why should children get vaccinated?

According to the Cuban government, the statewide immunization campaign for children is being accelerated in preparation for the reopening of schools. According to Voice of America, the government aims to gradually reopen schools for in-person instruction in October when the immunization program for children is done.
Since the epidemic first appeared on the island, schools have been operating on a virtual basis. As home internet remains out of reach for many, children have been urged to watch instructional programs on television.
According to a UNICEF report published last year, children in Latin American countries have missed four times as many school days as children elsewhere in the world.
The Cuban government, eager to get students back in the classroom, has stated that schools will reopen for in-person classes once all children have been vaccinated.
Initially, the goal of Cuba’s vaccination campaign was to immunize frontline personnel and the elderly in disaster-stricken communities. However, following an increase in infections among youngsters due to the introduction of the Delta variety, the government began to shift its priority to vaccination younger children.


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