UK Prime Minister Johnson rules out further COVID restrictions before Christmas.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The British Prime Minister said the government closely monitors Omicron and does not rule out more measures after Christmas.
Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has declared that his government will not impose new COVID-19 limitations in England before Christmas.
“We don’t think there’s enough data now to support any stricter steps before Christmas,” he said on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday, hundreds of far-right demonstrators gathered in Bucharest, Romania, to oppose a measure that would mandate a COVID pass or “green certifications” in workplaces to reduce the spread of coronavirus illnesses.
Dozens of people made their way into the courtyard of the parliament building, and others attempted to enter the building but were prevented by riot police.

COVID is a “difficult adversary,” but we are stronger: Biden

In a scheduled speech, US President Joe Biden noted that while the coronavirus was a “difficult foe,” the government has the tools to combat it.
“With the help of science and vaccines, we can prevent illness and save lives.” “We’ve become tougher as a result of our determination,” he explained.
According to WHO, as Omicron spreads, a storm is brewing in Europe.
The European head of the World Health Organization warned countries to brace themselves for a “substantial rise” in COVID-19 cases as Omicron spreads and recommended broad use of boosters for protection.
Since its discovery in late November, Omicron has been found in at least 38 of the 53 nations in the WHO’s European area. According to Hans Kluge, it is already dominating in several of them, including Denmark, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. He spoke at a news conference in Vienna.
“We can sense another storm approaching,” Kluge warned. “Within weeks, Omicron will dominate in other countries across the region, straining already overburdened health-care systems even harder.”


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