The Karnataka government is expected to announce additional Covid containment measures this week.

Karnataka Government

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai stated that the cabinet would meet on Thursday to discuss the situation and decide on appropriate measures. A nighttime curfew is already in effect until January 7.
Faced with new Covid-19 threats, the Karnataka government considers additional containment measures to control the virus’s spread. The state cabinet is expected to decide later this week after consulting experts.
The government has already imposed containment measures such as a “night curfew” from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. from December 28 until January 7 morning to control the spread.
“We are monitoring both the Covid and Omicron situations; they are spreading rapidly throughout the country, the state, and neighbouring states, so we need to consult with experts. In this regard, I will meet with experts tomorrow evening “On Monday, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai stated.
He told reporters here that the cabinet will meet on Thursday to discuss the state’s situation and the measures to be put in place and decide on specific long-term steps.
“With the experience of managing the previous two waves, we have already asked the experts to recommend containment measures, with limited impact on people’s daily lives,” he added, urging citizens to exercise restraint by adhering to the Covid guidelines.
Over the last five days, Karnataka has seen an increase in Covid cases, with daily figures exceeding 1,000.
Even though ten more cases of the coronavirus’s Omicron variant were discovered in Karnataka on Sunday, bringing the state’s total to 76.
Noting that a vaccination drive for 15-18-year-old children is starting today across the state, the Chief Minister stated that the government intends to make this a widespread campaign to bring children into the “Corona safety circle.”


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