Covid-19: The Centre has requested that states ensure that approaching holidays to be observed with the “utmost precautions.”

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According to the letter sent to state and territorial health secretaries, SOPs released last month to combat a rise in cases must be followed to prevent a repeat of the situation.
According to reports, in light of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Centre has requested that states and union territories ensure that future holidays be enjoyed safely and carefully, taking “the necessary safeguards.”
“No mass assembly should be permitted in regions designated as containment zones or in districts with COVID-19 test confirmation rates more than 5 percent,” Bhushan said in the letter. “
He stated that state governments should offer enough warnings before the celebrations to ensure that everyone follows the rules and behaves responsibly.
Limited participants
Meetings that are permitted with advance permission and a limited number of participants (as determined by the local context) should be closely monitored, and in the event of violations of COVID-19 appropriate behavior, the appropriate enforcement and penal actions should be taken,” the statement reads.
As stated by the Centre, “strict adherence to limitations on public gatherings should be observed, taking into consideration the availability of space to provide appropriate physical distance.”
The Centre also requested that states and UTs investigate and promote various modalities for online festivities, online purchasing, and the reduction of unnecessary travel, among other things.
Close eye on the local trajectory
As stated by the Centre, district health authorities must maintain a close eye on the local trajectory of cases and implement prompt and rigorous interventions following the advisories provided from time to time by the health ministry and the Home ministry.
State and territorial governments are also urged to guarantee that non-compliance with Covid’s guidelines for appropriate behavior in public spaces be dealt with harshly. To avoid a surge in Covid-19’s trajectory, “inter-sectoral engagement” involving health authorities, law enforcement agencies, market and trade groups, civil society organizations, and the general public would be vital, according to Bhushan’s letter.


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